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At CCPC we offer several different types of services, from producing new products to diagnostic help with several different types of machines. Our machine shop also gives us the ability to recondition used parts for resale. As an added benefit to CCPC services, we have an obvious time difference to central & eastern states.  When it is 6:00pm EST or mid west states we can ship for next day delivery when everyone else is already closed!

New Parts Manufacture


At Compressor Component Part Co. Inc. we manufacture parts both in and out of house. From raw castings, the parts go through the necessary process on our lathes, mills, grinder, and lappers until a finished product is placed in our stock room ready for shipping. For those parts that we are not able to manufacture, we have been able to acquire them at an affordable cost to ensure that our customers are still getting the best price. 

For a listing of the parts offered please see the downloadable PDF file below. 

Recondition of Used Parts


Because we are a small company and we believe in being able to provide a better service than our competitors, we are willing to take in used parts and recondition them for a better price than what it would be to purchase new. This reconditioning process starts out with us checking specs and tolerances to ensure that the part can be reconditioned. Once that is done the part is cleaned and all the non-essential pieces are replaced with new to ensure the longevity and usefullness is maintained.

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